An experienced presenter, crime writer and reviewer Jim Napier
is available for talks and workshops on writing and publishing crime fiction:
  • The Twisted Mind of the Crime Writer
    (the bizarre and humorous world of writers)
  • Truth is stranger than fiction:
    where crime writers get their ideas
  • Demystifying the Mystery
    (tips on writing crime fiction)
  • What's Hot and What's Not - and should you care?
  • To Write, Begin by Reading
    (the importance of research, and how to do it)
  • It's All a Matter of Character...
  • A Trip Around the Writer's Block
    (what to do when you're stalled for ideas)
  • How to Market Your Book
    (Is an agent really necessary?  What about self-publishing, publishing online, and print on demand?)
  • When Two is More Than One Plus One: famous crimefighting duos
    (Holmes/Watson, Morse/Lewis, Dalzeil/Pascoe, Lynley/Havers, etc)
  • The Evolution of the Female Sleuth
  • The Dark Side of Noir
  • Die Laughing (humourous mysteries)
To inquire about these and other topics, or to arrange a booking,
Jim Napier can be reached via email at